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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)


Dear Injuries,

You are quite literally the worst. You are very unexpected and seem to last forever. You are very inconvenient for everyone but in my experience especially inconvenient for athletes. The injuries that happen to us just seem unfair considering how much time and effort we put into our sport. All the early mornings, late nights, traveling, and lots of hours just seem to go down the drain when you get involved. You make it hard to stay positive and have a good attitude all the time. We are only trying to become the best athlete we can be, and injuries seem to put us back a few steps from reaching our peak performance. Watching our teammates play the sport that we love without being able to participate is painful, so why do you do this to us? I asked myself this question very often at the beginning of my injury and still sometimes do till this day, but there are a few lessons that you have taught me and I’m sure there are more lessons to be learned.

You have taught me to never take the game I love for granted and to appreciate every moment I have on the field because you never know when your last time out there could be. Even if I am exhausted and it’s the last place I want to be that day, I need to be grateful that I am still able to do what I do best. You have taught me to enjoy every moment I have with my teammates and to cherish all the memories that we make together because these are the things we are going to remember the most. You have taught me how to look at the bigger picture and realize that although time seems to be going by painfully slow right now that things will get better and looking back you will seem like such a small part of my life. Lastly you have taught me to be more positive, optimistic, and how to be a better teammate. Although injuries are no fun, they have taught me how to be more mentally tough and taught me so many lessons that I will forever be thankful for. You are still the worst, but I am grateful for everything you have taught me.

Sincerely, Name

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