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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Applied Practice: Usability

Usability Test Plan:

User Profile (Audience): My audience will be mainly other students, but I am hoping I can test it in a professional field. I think student are future employees and the type of question I will be asking is so general and basic so I think my usability test would fit them.

Usability Tasks: I will ask the questions next to my poster. And, ask for the justification or why they picked that answer.

Data Collection: The data I will be collected through the written answers will be anonymous and will be used only for this study.

Usability Test Report:

Title page: The Usability test is made by me I used a website called Canva and I also used Microsoft word to make the poster.

Introduction: three students have taken the test. These testers are similar to my intended audience is both of the are employees, might find the same things grabbing attention, and both are supposed to understand it and find it clear. The difference is only my intended audience are more professionals they should understand it better and really know what is expected from them to do. The type of testing I will be using is written or oral answer ofmy questions. They will mainly be about the visual and how the poster looks like and not the continent.

Methodology : I gave a copy of my poster with the questions to each of my testers. I also gave them the option to answer in paper or verbally. One of them prefer to write the answers down and the other two just talked to me about it. I gave each one of them a good time to think about their answer and told them that there is no write and wrong answer just answer honestly.

Results: I can not write the answer exactly like my testers answered because some of them were oral, but mainly the answers were really helpful, and I think I received a pretty good feedback. I have been told that the color choice and the design were pretty dope and it immediately grabbed their attention. However, some of them found the sign choice was not that good they said I can get better and clearer sign. Even though I am not focusing a lot about my content, but I still found it really helpful.

Recommendations/ Impact: After my usability test, I think I will make some major changes on my content that I was not focusing on like changing the sign and might event do the “Things to


do and things to not do” signs showing the employees what they should be doing and what they should not be doing in their work place. I will also make some small changes on the design and colors.

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