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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Books are our partners


Once upon a time there was a land where only one who read a book could live a thousand lives. Imagination and education are what humans got from any book. They give the opportunity to discover a lot of unreal and real worlds. Books give the opportunity to know everything; from the wonderful seven seas in earth to galaxies and stars. They teach languages and give the opportunity to study history. As Malcolm X said in his essay “Learning to Read” the best thing about dictionaries is that you learn some new words. He believes each time someone reads any book they will learn and discover new things. Books open our minds. They are the vitamins that people need to have a healthy mind. Sadly, the problem is that many people think books are boring and it is difficult to read a five-hundred-page book. They prefer to spend their time watching TV or doing things that prevent gaining knowledge. Moreover, in the 21st century people have begun to be very conformist; they accept their lives as they are, without trying to do new things or learning from books. They don’t give themselves the opportunity to open their minds and learn beyond school or work. Books are partners of education. From them we get the experiences, points of view, discoveries, reflections and imaginations of the authors. Malcolm X said “I have often reflected upon the new vistas that reading opened to me.”

Malcolm X is not the only one who believed that books offer intelligence and save lives. Sherman Alexie says in his essay “Superman and Me” that as a person reads more and more he or she will become smarter and will excel in society. Why? Because when someone reads, their mind becomes stronger, because they are thinking more. It is a kind of exercise for the mind. They have a bigger chance to solve problems in reality. Victor Moreno says in his essay “¿Son más inteligentes los que leen que quienes no leen?” “A reader is smarter than a non-reader because lecture gives a self-defense mechanism to the conflicts in the exterior and interior.” This mean, through books people read the problems, experiences and lives from the authors and how they overcome each obstacle. Also, reading books develop our skill to listen, pay attention and to understand what others say.

Every mind contains its own imagination that reflects in each iris’ eye. There are stories from little sand stones to majestic mountains, crossing fantastic animals and the world history. In my experience, books opened my eyes. I began to read with Harry Potter books. These books taught me the importance of friendship and love, to be brave and learn from each experience that I have. Later, I began to read a lot of good books that taught me many things and opened my imagination to discover and make my own fantastic worlds. Also, because of books, I learned about science, math, poems, etc.

Lecture does not just open our minds to the imagination, but also, opens doors to discovery. I had the wonderful opportunity to understand this, because after the Harry Potter books I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This book taught me to follow my dreams, never give up, and learn from every step that I walk. Also, the author describes a lot of places in his book. I had the opportunity to imagine The Sahara Desert and also the pyramids in Egypt. There are many books in a library, thousands of them are about kings of history, languages, math, geography, astronomy; and any drama, romance, terror, comedy, adventure etc.

Books don’t just help improve knowledge, but also improve how people write and speak. As Alexie said, there are a lot of paragraphs everywhere “My family’s house was a paragraph…I can see my changed family as an essay of seven paragraphs: mother, father, older brother, the deceased sister, my younger twin sister and our adopted little brother.” We just need to observe our surroundings and describe what we see. It is also a way to read, because people read through images. For example, in the first centuries of human life, people explained the stars and their lives drawing in rocks, now we can read those pictures and make our imagination fly.

There are other ways to read, an example of this is reading through online books. Personally, I read like this once. Even today, I can remember the book, it was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. My experience reading through online books was good and interesting. But sadly I didn’t enjoy the book as I do in paper. For my eyes it was hard to read so much pages on a computer. However, this way of  reading is good too and essential, because life in the 21st century is technology based, and as Maria Konnikova said in her essay “Being a Better Online Reader” it is necessary to learn how to read online because it has the same information that we read in paper. Also, is important because a lot of things such as news, information, articles, and books can be found on the Internet.

No matter where, what, and how people read, it is important to read. Through letters people can find hope, faith, and happiness and gain that experience of feelings such as excitement, anger, sadness, etc. Books give the opportunity  to live in a thousand worlds, to space out from everyday life and enter a galaxy of imagination. Books are like music; they open our hearts. The reader can gain understanding through books, find refuge, or a way to fight with truth in this closed-thinking society. Start reading and writing, show people your ideas, learn from others and improve yourself. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books said, “Something magical can happen when you read a good book.”

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