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How can we define quality in teaching and how can we measure it appropriately?


This report is meant to provide readers with a better understanding of how teachers work in defining quality in teaching, and how can authorities measure it appropriately with proper standards. Defining quality in teaching is a concerning question for all the teachers and school authorities. Every teacher is seeking for the best quality of teaching for their students, but there are no standards in defining quality education. Every teacher is different from one another as they all have their own ways of teaching. Being a teacher is a very hard task to do, as every teacher must be skillful in their own subject and being able to communicate effectively with various kinds of students. They do heavy amounts of research on their subject regularly to keep their students updated and to bring out the best from their students. In its essence, the work of teachers is highly skilled, very much involved, and students oriented as we know it should be conveyed to the students for their better future. The minimum education requirement for being a teacher is a Bachelor’s degree, however a Master’s degree or above is more highly recommended.

Keywords: Quality Education, Authorities, Skillful, Students Oriented

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Discussions of Results




This project is based on the standard measures of teaching and defining the term quality in teaching. When it comes to a teacher, people used to say that teaching is an easy profession where you just have to deal with some kids by grading them and giving them some assignments. It is very easy to say but the real fact is very distinct, as being a teacher is one of the toughest job in the world. If you think of a class of thirty students, you might see thirty different kids busy in their own stuffs. But in terms of a teacher, they can see thirty different lives with plenty of potential to change the world and make it a better place to live for the entire human race. Every teacher is very proficient in their own field and they all have distinct perspective for the quality in teaching in their own ways. But still the question remains that how can we define quality in teaching and how can we measure it appropriately?

Indeed, for furthermore information in defining a concise solution, I picked United Way of Salt Lake as my community partner for the service learning project and in defining a solution to my topic of research. United Way is a very well-known non-profit community, which is doing a very noble cause for our society by helping children and their families, to have same chance to succeed in school and in life. United Way has appointed me as an assistant tutor to a mathematics professor named Mr. Bean at Kearns High School. In my role as a mathematics tutor, it is my responsibility to ensure that the school procedures were documented correctly to follow the school’s standards and regulations. On my first day, I tried to teach the students about the fundamentals of mathematics but I was not able to grab their attention. Then Mr. Bean came and helped me in teaching those students. I was really amazed to see that every student was very active and suddenly the class participation of students became immense. At that moment, I came to know that knowing what to teach is important but knowing how to teach is more important.

So, this topic of my research came up on how to define quality in teaching. This research project is mainly focused on ways to standardize the measures of teaching by taking surveys of different classes and directly interviewing teachers in defining quality in teaching.


1: Improving the design, develop and study assessments for teaching quality.

2: Making teachers to better understand the measurement models behind assessments of teaching quality.

3: Rapid training and workshops for teachers on new system of student involvement.

4: Student systematic evaluations and interviews with student.

5: Having a peer review and colleague evaluation. Taking self-reflections and self-reviews.


Following is a complete list of all project deliverables:


Deliverable Description
<Deliverable #1: Organization and management in education.> <Education is organized and managed jurisdictionally with proper knowledge. Management in education is must for the development of teaching skills and basic human behaviors.

Steve Whatcott, From February 2nd to March 22nd>

<Deliverable #2: Creating learning environment for children.> <School is the place where children are valued as individuals and where their needs for attention, approval, and affection are supported. So, it is must that the teachers must create an environment where every child can show their knowledge and skills

Mr. Bean, From February 8th to March 22nd>

<Deliverable #3: children Establishing consistent teacher accreditation.> <This research paper called for a consistent system of teacher accreditation to be established, asserting that ‘teacher quality is on the agenda across the world. And it would be delivered by the implementation of such a system. A rigorous and comprehensive, consistent accreditation system and process has been achieved.

Steve Whatcott, From February 2nd to March 22nd>


My goal is to become a professor in the field of computer science. So, this topic is very much related to my major as I must know the basic skills on how to teach and interact with the students. I must focus on how to teach rather than what to teach. I can learn a lot of new skills and techniques on how to become a better teacher with this research paper. To become a professor, I need to have a good degree but more important is that I need to know how to teach and interact with the students. So, that they can actively participate in class activities, which can lead in learning new things with proper information. This project will really give an idea on how to accomplish my goal of becoming a computer science professor.


To define quality in teaching, I have planned to focus on some key aspects such as the participation rate of students in class activities and taking interviews of students in terms of their understanding of a teacher. I have worked with United Way to know what measures we can take to improve students’ performance and skills. We have taken the following measures to define quality in teaching.


  1. Source searching was the first step for this research where I have been to our school library and then, I have researched about my topic on the internet where I found different websites and web books. So, I picked UNICEF (2008) handbook and the education policy of Stanford University (2005) as my main resources for this project. So, this source searching step was accomplished during the days from April 1st to April 3rd, 2017.
  2. Surveys and interviews of different teachers of Kearns High School such as Mr. Bean on April 11th and Mr. Patrick on April 13th, Then I had an email correspondence with Mr. Steve on April 13th, 2017. So, this surveys and interviews step was accomplished during the days from April 7th to April 13th, 2017
  3. Taking students responses towards this topic was my next step after the interviews as I have discussed with ninth standard students of Kearns High School in defining quality in the standards of teaching on April 6th,   Then on for more information, I have also discussed with eleventh standard students of Taylorsville High School in defining quality in the standards of teaching on April 10th, 2017.
  4. Considering all the gathered information and then sorting them out on basis of students reviews and their performance. This lead us to a solution for this research project with prior knowledge of its roots and causes. This sorting of sources and information step was accomplished on April 17th.
  5. Reviewing my project outline and draft with Professor Baird was accomplished on April 18th,


My approach towards the accomplishment of this research project is very simple and straight forward. I will take direct interviews of students and teachers. So that I can take notice of certain aspects which would lead in defining quality in teaching. I have taken the interviews of my community partner manager Mr. Steve and Professor Bean in learning what do we need to do for implementing this project. Learning sets of teaching strategies that enable teachers to guide students through in-depth studies of real-world topics.

In brief, my project execution approach incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables for other teachers to follow my steps in defining quality in teaching. Following is a description of our project methods, including how the project will be developed, a proposed timeline of events, and reasons for why we suggest developing the project as described.


To define quality in teaching, I have planned to focus on some key aspects such as the participation rate of students in class activities and taking interviews of students in terms of their understanding of a teacher. I have worked with United Way to know what measures we can take to improve students’ performance and skills.

Therefore, we have taken the following recommendations to measure quality teaching

Recommendation #1: The most important thing for a teacher is to interact and know the strengths and weaknesses of their students. So before teaching someone, the first thing for a teacher is to know the basic nature of their student.

Recommendation #2: When defining quality, the teacher must learn to know how to teach on the basis of object oriented programming and how to apply it into real life. //engage students into real life objects.

Recommendation #3: Dealing with diverse kinds of students is a very hard thing to do, so it is a necessity for the teacher to teach their students as a friend rather than an elderly aged person.

Recommendation #4: For a teacher, it is must to learn and develop a good relationship with other teachers. As they can be very helpful when dealing with different students and might share their knowledge and skills.


There are several benefits that came from completing this project. First, I was being able to make a slight change for the community as well as those students. Alongside, I have gained a lot of knowledge and teaching skills, which would be very helpful for my future teaching career. By writing this research paper will really help me in terms of interacting with different people at different circumstances. Our beliefs and values may make us different from one another, but learning to respect them can help us to change and become better people. This project has really developed my problem-solving skills and allowed me to work as a group rather than an individual. This service learning project has really given me a promising idea for my career as I met different people and communities, who are very knowledgeable and skillful.


Method #1: Quality Learners,

It is must to bring the learners into action. Positive early experiences and interactions are vital for preparing a quality learner. The quality of children’s lives before beginning formal education greatly influences the kind of learners they can be. Many elements go into making a quality learner.

Method #2: Quality Learning Environments,

Learning can occur anywhere, but a positive learning outcomes generally sought by educational systems that happen in quality learning environments. Learning environments are made up of physical, psychosocial and service delivery elements.

Method #3: Quality Content,

Quality content refers to the intended and taught curriculum of schools. There must be a curriculum which is easy and interesting for the students. The content should bring excitement in students and they might bring learning as a source of fun.


For this project, I have been working with United Way of Salt Lake as a Mathematics tutor at Kearns High School for two months till now. For those two months, I think I have learned enough to research on this project in defining quality in teaching.  My personal experience on this topic came up when I was teaching at Kearns High School. I couldn’t teach them what I was thinking because I was not knowing how to teach. But when Mr. Bean came and taught, every student was listening and responding to his questions. So, I really thought to came up with this idea of defining quality in teaching. So, for this project, I have taken interviews of my community partner associates Mr. Steve and Mr. Bean. During these interviews, I really thought that they have different perspectives and thoughts on describing quality in teaching. I was taken aback by those responses and I asked myself, how to define quality in teaching.

Thereafter, I have taken the initiative for the accomplishment of a legitimate result for this topic. So, to meet up the requirements for the topic, I have personally carried out these following points for legitimate result. First, I have taught in different classes at Kearns High School with different Professors. So, I have experienced different teaching styles and skills. With various kinds of teachings, I have experienced distinct types of responses from the students. Some of them are good and some are bad. By virtue, I really think that we have done enough to carry out this plan. After passing many interviews and researches, we have reached on a conclusion about the standards of defining quality in teaching. Secondly, in all aspects of the school and its surrounding education community, the rights of the students in development and participation are at the center. This means that the focus is on learning which strengthens the capacities of students to act progressively on their own behalf through the acquisition of relevant knowledge, useful skills and appropriate attitudes.


Quality in teaching can be defined, very simply, as activities that promote student learning. It encompasses all those teacher behaviors that encourages student to learn and make move towards the institution’s educational objectives. Ideally, the students will also share at least some of their objectives and goals. For effective teaching, we must include curriculum and course development, advising, and supervision of student research as well as classroom performance.

The environment, content and processes that learners encounter in school lead to diverse results, some intended and others unintended. Quality learning outcomes are intentional, expected effects of the educational system. They include what children know and can do, as well as the attitudes and expectations they have for themselves and their societies.

Hence, I will look forward in working with United Way and, supporting my efforts to improve this research paper. With this project, I will try to learn as much as I can and do my best to solidify my definition on defining quality in teaching. I am confident that met the challenges on this project, and stood with my community partner in delivering an effective solution on this research paper.


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