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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Cat-mas Miracle

It was the holiday season and Christmas was just around the corner, people were in a rush to get their families gifts and surprises. My little 7th grader self was at an animal shelter volunteering in the cat rooms with my nana at the Humane Society. It was a busy shelter and there were people in and out of that place all day. Dogs barked very loudly and there was always the sound of little kids giggling when puppies kissed their faces. We scooped stinky poop from litter boxes, Played with the kittens and brushed out the knotted fluffy senior cats. I’ve always loved animals especially dogs and cats, they help me feel calm and relaxed and my mom has always called me the animal whisperer. We wanted to give the animals attention and love during the holidays so they weren’t so lonely and left behind. By the end of our scheduled time of volunteering at the shelter, all of the kittens were successfully adopted and sent off to their new homes for Christmas.

During this time my parents were going through a really rough divorce so my brother and I got to spend a lot of time with my nana and papa. It was around 9 o’clock and my stomach was aching from hunger, we didn’t get the chance to eat the whole day while volunteering so my nana and I stopped off at McDonalds to get some chicken nuggets and salty french fries. As we waited in the line of cars in the drive through, I noticed a sign for another shelter just down the road. I pointed the sign out to my grandma and she agreed to go considering we didn’t have anything else planned for the rest of the night.

“We’ll only go for a little bit Haizy, we have to get home to papa.” I had to agree with her, I was exhausted.

As we arrived I noticed the shelter looked kind of bland and not as popular as the one I was at just before. When we walked in the walls were bare with beige paint and it smelt like the cheap citrus air freshener you get from the dollar store. We were greeted by the really nice and bubbly front desk people and they showed us the way to the animals. Walking down the hall it wreaked of wet dog and cat pee. We walked into the first cat room and I was immediately swarmed by cats, Specifically this big orange cat that scared me a bit with how friendly and loud he was.

My nana walked in and instantly stated, “ Pheeewwweeee! One of these little buggers took a big old smell!”

As she finished her proclamation, this little black cat with a clipped ear walked out of the litter box and right up to me. He sat at my feet staring at me with these big green eyes that almost seemed to glow, or that could have been me seeing things because I was so in love with this cat. I ran outside the cat room where the name cards for the cats were hanging up, I began to look through them and found him!

On the card it said, “Hi my name is Frisky! I haven’t been here very long because I used to be a feral cat, that’s why my ear is clipped, but my rescuers decided I was too loving to be a street cat so that’s why i’m here. I’m 9 months old and a boy.”

I went back into the room and I sat down on the ground and he immediately sat on my lap and began to purr like crazy, it was the loudest purr i’ve ever heard from such a little cat. He was so soft and so cuddly, his little eyes glimmered whenever I looked at him. He was so adorable and it was love at first sight, there was no way I was going to leave that place without him I decided.

I started chain calling and texting my mom begging her to let me get the kitten. My mom is very allergic to cats so I thought there’d never be a way I could have my own cat but i was going to try my hardest anyway. My nana kept telling me not to get my hopes up about the little fella because she knew it would be an issue trying to get my mom in on it. My mom replied with a bunch of “no!” And “of course not.” But that didn’t stop me from trying. Finally she gave up and started texting me asking me questions about the cat.

“How old is he?”

“He’s only 9 months old”

“what length hair does he have”

“He is a black domestic short hair”

“ does he seem to be shedding a lot”

“Not from what I can tell, he seems to keep himself groomed”

“are you sure you want to take care of a cat”

“ Please mom, I know I can take care of him”

“Fine, But this is a huge responsibility, I’m only allowing this because I feel like it’ll help you mentally right now.”

She ended the conversation with a heart emoji and gave my nana the ok. I walked up to the front desk and told them I was interested, they told me to fill out a paper and then they’d review it and move on. Unfortunately my mom had to sign the paper as well so she threatened that I wasn’t gonna get the cat because she wasn’t willing to drive all the way to the shelter to sign a paper but she came and signed it anyway. As they were filling out paperwork, I was sitting down anxiously swinging my feet in the waiting room. They gave me a paper and asked me if I wanted to change his name, I said yes but I didn’t have one picked out yet so they kept it as Frisky on the paperwork.

I ran to grab the little kitty and picked him up and held him while they put a microchip in him and put him in a box to go home. By the time we got back to my house I gave him the new name Loki and he was able to settle in really fast. Waking up Christmas morning with a little kitty snuggled up on your lap is a feeling I’ll always enjoy.

My cat has been my best friend ever since and he’s been through everything with me. He helps me with my anxiety at night and lays on my chest so I don’t move around and wiggle and gives me something to keep my mind off of . He was especially helpful around the time my depression was strong and throughout my parents divorce. I Couldn’t have asked for a better furry friend, now I’m living on my own with him in college and things couldn’t be any better.

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