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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)


Here’s the thing– every article you’ve ever read on the internet has been written by someone else. The books you reference, the articles you cite, it was all written by someone else. So what separates that from cheating?

The answer: CITING. The OCSW should not be cited for content, as it is not professional writing. However, follow the research trail that the student author used to get their information. That’s what academics do– and that’s why we cite! It makes your argument stronger, and gives you more credibility as an author if you show you’ve done your research– and you show that by citing.

Also, there’s a difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement. (More on that here.) For example: if I reposted, verbatim, the article that I used to gather this information, that would be copyright infringement– even if I cited the source. (That’s where summary and paraphrasing come in.)

Plagiarism, on the other hand, is when you do not give credit to where you got the original information. More than copy+paste, plagiarism is also when you take other’s ideas without giving credit, or imply that you thought of it yourself. It’s dishonest, and also against SLCC’s policies. 

So now you know why to cite, but how should you cite?

There are several free services that will cite for you! So you have absolutely no excuse not to cite. (Also, the nice people in the Student Writing Center can help you out!)

By accessing or using any part of the OCSW site, you agree to not download, copy, or otherwise plagiarize its contents in any way.

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Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

If I cite the source I am using, can it still be copyright infringement? (weekly widget)

By accessing or using any part of this site, you agree to not download, copy, or otherwise plagiarize its contents in any way.

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