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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Concert Paper #3

For my third concert I went to my little sister’s school concert which included a choir part, and an orchestra part. They announced that they were doing the instrumental part before the choir part. So that after all the students were done playing then they would be able to clear the stage and make room for the choir to get up there. They started the concert at 6:30 PM. And for the first part, they had everyone up and around the stage that had an instrument. They played 6 songs in the instrumental part before they switched to the choir part.

There were probably around 50 students total that was going to play an instrument. And for the first performance. Then all the guitar players up on and around the stage started playing a song. The lead guitarist was named Joseph and he sang and played the guitar as well while everyone else just played the guitar only.

For the second song then some of the students played the theme of Star Wars. Not “The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme song)” that we learned about in class but just the theme at the start of the movie. And the instruments that were used in the song that I could see were drums, violin, cello, and trumpets. It was very short about 30 seconds long.

The song that was performed third was called “Cups” by Anna Kendrick. They had a desk in front of the stage with some real cups on it and they had 3 students each do the cups part while some violinist played with a cello and some drums in the back ground.

For the fourth song then they played “The Hanging Tree and the instruments that were used form what I could see were drums, violins, cello, and a tuba. It sounded like they didn’t practice it as much as should have because I noticed some of the people playing off beat once or twice in the song.

For the fifth song then they played “Pirates of the Caribbean” and it sounded freaking awesome. It made me want to go watch the movie. The instruments that were used was a big bass drum, and what sounded like parade drums to me, but I think they are called snare drums, violins, cellos, tubas, trumpets, and some other metal instruments that I couldn’t see but could hear.

The sixth song that was played was called “Peer Gynt Suite Selection” and the instruments that didn’t have strings attacked to it played the biggest role in the song. The strings instruments sounded kind of like background music. There was a quiet solo at the end where the only instruments that were used were all the band instruments. And the solo started out soft and quiet then it got louder and louder and more instruments kept joining in even the strings instruments was playing and pretty soon then everyone was playing, and they were playing very loud and then the song ended.

That was the last song for the instrumental part. All the instruments that were used in the concert that I could see were: Saxophone, Violin, cello, trombone, trumpet, snare drums, a big bass drum, clarinet, guitar, French horn, Baritone horn, cymbal, base. I enjoyed the instrumental part of the concert enough that I would come see it again because they played Pirates of the Caribbean so close to the end, so when I think back on it I remember that song the most and I like that song a lot.

They took a 5-minute intermission, so they could remove all the instruments off the stage and form around the stage to make room for all of the choir students to be able to fit on the stage, so they can start on the choir part of the concert.

The first choir song that they sang was called “It’s the first day of Choir” and they had boys and girls singing it. The only instruments used in all the choir songs were just their voices and a piano. At the start then the piano person started off playing too fast so after like 5 seconds then the music conductor stopped the choir and started laughing then told the piano person to relax, start over, and to slow down this time. I liked this song not for how it sounded but because the song was a joke song meant to make people laugh. For example: one of the things that was sung was by a small boy and he said, “I wish my voice would hurry up and change so I could sing with all the other boys” and everyone in the audience chuckled at that. There were about 30 boys, and 15 girls. After that song ended then the choir split up into halves and exited the stage in opposite directions to their assigned seating. And a group of young boys got up on stage.

The second song that was sung by a group of young boys was called “Goliath” and at the start of the song then they all started snapping their fingers. They were not singing very loud or the speakers were just turned down or too far away from them because it was hard for me to hear the words they were singing unless I paid close attention> There were about 30 boys that sang that song.

For the third song the (Women’s choir) got on stage and that included all of the girls in in all the different branches of choir. There were about 50 girls. But only 20 or so of them were going to sing the third song. The reason why all of them got on stage is because for the fourth song then they were all going to sing it. For the third song they sang You’ll Never Walk Alone”. It started out slow and quiet. It made me very tired and want to go to bed. Then the piano started playing alone without any girls singing for about 30 seconds then the girls started back up and started singing.

The fourth song all the girls sang the song called “Rain”. It was easy to hear the words that they were singing. There was piano music in the background and after that song I felt tired and wanted to go home mainly because the song was so peaceful.

The fifth song was sung by the (Men’s Choir). There were about 20 young men and they sang the song called “Danny Boy”. It sounded like a really nice and uplifting song. It only talked about good things. I can’t remember the exact words, but I remember being very relaxed and smiling during it.

For the sixth song the Men’s choir sang again and they sang the song called “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” (the song on Mulan). It was for sure my favorite song that they sang during the whole choir performance. Mainly because I just really like that song to begin with and when everyone was singing it I liked it even more then when I hear it and watch the movie. It was a little fast paced though. I wish they would have sung it a little slower, so the song would last longer. They ended the song with a HEYAAAAA (just like in the movie Mulan) and I thought that was pretty cool they included that.

For the seventh song then the Girls’ Choir got up and they sang the song called “Feed the Birds”. It started out slow and the girl’s voices were low, and it sounded good. It sounded like a ballet, like they were telling a story, but as I would try to follow along with the story then the piano would hit a loud note and it would distract me, so I didn’t know exactly what the song was about. It sounded nice because all of the girls were singing in unison.

The eighth song and the last song was also sung by the Girls’ choir and they sang the song called “Adiemus”. The song sounded like it was in a different language, but I liked the way it sounded I just couldn’t understand what they were saying. (It turns out that the song is literally gibberish. Christie the person that reviewed it told me that)

Overall, I really enjoyed the concert performance. The two songs I enjoyed the most was the song “Pirates of the Caribbean” during the instrumental part. And the “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” in the choir part. If those two songs were not played I don’t think I would have liked this concert as much as I did. I really enjoyed seeing my sister sing. The kids from the choir and from the instrumental part could have both practiced more. Not one of the songs were perfect but they were good enough to where if you were not trying to find mistakes then you wouldn’t really notice any. The Concert ended at 8:00 P.M. It lasted an hour and a half.

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