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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Dear Love

Dear Love,

Where did you go, and why did you leave? Why is it so uncommon to see you in our day-to-day lives? Did you mean to leave? I’ve heard so many stories of what life used to be like when you were here. The people that have experienced life with you miss it, they miss you. They miss the good-ol-days; the days when everyone had you. But unfortunately, times have changed.

We are surrounded by negativity and hate. Most of us now-a-days don’t even know what it’s like to see you around. We are constantly reminded of hate when we go onto social media and see nothing but hate. Why do we see more hate than we see you? You are so much better. There is too much of them and not enough of  YOU. I need more of you; we need more of you; the world needs more of you.

We need more people carrying you around; we need more thank yous’ when somebody opens a door for us; we need more “I’d like to pay for the person behind me” type of people; we need more uplifting and inspiring social media posts; we need more support for each other; we need more of  YOU. Imagine everyone doing the simple little things that show little glimpses of you. Eventually, the little glimpses of you will turn into bigger glimpses. But we unfortunately, are so caught up in the world that most of us don’t even notice that we are lacking you.

We’ve never all of experienced you. We don’t understand what you can bring to the table. How you can single-handedly make the world a better and happier place. We need to take that step back and look at ourselves. Take a deep breath, let you hop on our backs and take you for a ride. Carry you everywhere we go. If we do this, we will do so many more things. We would let that person next to us in when we’re stuck in traffic; let the person with screaming kids cut in front of us in line; open the door for the large crowd of people walking behind us; inspire others; lift each other up; agree to disagree.

How can we bring you back? We need to bring you back because we need more of you. I know what life could be like with more of you in it; I just hope everyone else can too.

Sincerely, Student Name.

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