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Deportation is a huge thing that is happening right now and is a major problem. Many people live in fear each day because they never know when or if it is going to happen to them. Deportation is the expulsion of a person or group of people from a place or country. There are two different types of deportation; external deportation and internal deportation. External deportation is when “all countries reserve the right to deport persons without right of abode even those who are longtime residents or possess permanent residency.” So, what that means if someone has committed a serious crime or their visa has expired the country has the right to send them back to their home country.  Internal deportation is when you get kicked out of a state but not the country as a whole. This term is also referred to as population transfer.

Deportation is a highly talked about topic right now in the Mexican American community. In 2013 there were 241,493 Mexicans who got deported. Everyday families and others live in fear every day because they may get deported. Leaving in fear and deportation in general has a very huge impact on families. In the United States there are about 16 million people with a mixed-status family, which means at least one family member is a noncitizen. When a person is here in the United States is not here legally, they have to be careful with everything they do. Things like getting pulled over just because their headlight is out on their car will scare them a lot. All it could take is for them to get pulled over and the cop calls immigration services on them. Usually they are the ones who are more careful and follow the law very carefully. Even things like going to the store, going to get gas, or even just being at home like anyone else scares them because immigration services can show up at any moment. Its such a sad and terrible thing to have to live in fear daily. No one should have to live in fear like this and its very sad.

Another reason they live in fear of deportation is because they don’t want to be separated from their family. “The right to family unity is a basic human right.” With deportation the government should respect this right and think about what kind of impact it will have on their family when they deport someone. In 2013 there was a report that found that 150,000 children have been separated from one or even both of their parents. That report also found that now that these kids don’t have parents they are in poverty, have little to no health care, and don’t have much education opportunities. In 2011 a study showed that at least 5100 children were in foster care. Taking away a child’s parent is just wrong and makes the kids and parent(s) very upset. There is so much stress that happens to both the kid and the parent when this happens. For the parent when they are living in a whole different country worrying if their kid is safe or not. They also don’t know if they have shelter or even if they are getting fed. Most of the time they also have no way to contact the kid. Now for the kid, I couldn’t imagine what its like not having one parent or even both in some cases in your life and not having any form of contact with them. As of July 24, 2018 there have already been 450 parents that have been separated from their kids and 463 parents are “under view.”

Many people here in the United States along with President Trump think having immigrants here are a terrible thing. There are many advantages to having them here. They create more diversity in the country, they take jobs that most people don’t want to do, and lowers the cost of deportation. Deportation is very expensive and reducing how much it happens can save the country lots of money. “In 2016, ICE spent $3.2 billion to identity illegal immigrants, arrest them, detain them, and remove them from the United States.” If we were to even reduce the deportation rate by 100 deportation it could save the country $1 million. Now there are reasons to think that having illegal immigrants here are bad like they change employment dynamics, they can lead to overcrowding and can be a threat. But they most people that come to the United States just want a better life and better future for their kids. Most of them come here to get away from all the violence and bad things that are happening in their country. They just want to try and better their life and help their family out that had to stay in their home country. It’s a very small percent that actually come here to cause damage to the United States.

There are already so many programs and people trying to stop deportation or get the idea our there that it needs to be stopped or at least not happen as often as it does. Some of these programs are the “deportation defense program”, “United We Dream” and many more. There are may ways people can go about this issue and try to get their point or opinion out on how they feel. A way or program I was thinking about to show and let others know that deportation is not always the best or right thing to do was to get people who feel the same and have kind and peaceful protest. My plan is to spread the word about wanting to start a club. I could do that by printing off basic flyers. On the flyers I could put what the club is about and what we would be doing and when and where we would meet. We would meet at least twice a month on Wednesdays for at least an hour and up to two hours. During that time, we would talk about the issue of deportation and then work on our signs for the protests. As for the protest my plan would be to go downtown because there is a lot of traffic flow, the capital is down there, and theres lots of businesses and things down there. Not only that but Salt Lake has a lot of tourist that go downtown and so not only will people in Salt Lake see it but others from other states and countries will see it and who knows maybe they will agree and start talking about how its not ok where they are from.

Once there are flyers up and it has been known to people that there is going to be a new club around, I have to think of ways to save and have money for it. My plan is to have a one-time fee of five dollars for getting into the club. So, let’s say at least ten people join the club, that will give us $50 for supplies. $50 won’t be enough for all the supplies we need so another way we could raise money is to start a go fund me or talk to people that support this idea and seeing if they are willing to donate some money. With the money we get I will buy us poster boards, garden stakes to put on the poster for holding. I would then bring sharpies and tape from home and food wise we wouldn’t have food at the club meeting but the day of the protest we can get something easy like pizza.

This cost for all of this would be a reasonable price. The poster boards come in a pack of two for $5 so for ten boards it would cost $15. For twelve garden stakes it would be about $7. Getting about two to three large pizzas will cost $12 for two or $18 for three. We also need to get downtown to do the protest so instead of taking cars we could get a Trax ticket round trip. The cost of that for ten people would be $5 per person totaling $50 for the ten people. The cost of all this would total to about $90 or so no counting for the tax. So, after the $50 we got from the people joining the club we would need about $40 more. We would still collect more money from the go fund me and from the people that would like to donate. The reason we could still collect money is for if our boards get old and worn out or if we decide to do other things to let people know where we stand on the situation.

With this program and situation there are and will be many people against this idea. Some of the people that would be against this would Trump and his supporters, people who don’t want immigrants in the county legal or not and anyone who doesn’t like Mexicans. The reason they would be against this is because they think that they are here to take jobs, cause crime and just not here to help better the country. I would say the reason Trump is not a supporter of this is because right now with the caravans that are trying to come to the United States, he doesn’t want them in. he has also made many comments on how he feels about Mexicans and how they come into the country. Trump also wants to build a wall to keep them out from coming in. I know what I have said so far about Trump doesn’t talk about deportation but with all that stuff he has said and done he doesn’t want to stop deportation. Also, not all but I’m sure many of his supporters would not agree with the plan because I’m sure most of them agree with Trump and what he has said.

For the interview I called my grandpa and asked him for his opinion. I chose him because my grandpa is from Mexico and came here to the United States when he was very young. When he came one of his brothers were already here but when he came, he came along with some friends. He was here illegal but then he did become a citizen. So, I asked how long it took him to become one and how hard the process was. After I found out that information, I then asked him what his views on deportation was. I also questions like do you think they shouldn’t do it at all, or if they should reduce on how often they do it/have better reasons to deport them. I found out a lot of good information and his opinion from him.

My personal opinion on deportation is that I don’t think it should be completely stopped but it shouldn’t happen as often. There are a lot of people that come from other countries because they are just trying to have a better life and have a better life for their kids if they have any. Many like to believe they come here to cause violence and crimes but in reality, many leave their home country because of crimes and because of all the bad stuff that is happening there. I also think that ICE shouldn’t separate kids from their parents unless the kids are over 18. The reason I think this is because kids 16 and under cannot survive on their own. They can’t get a job, drive and they need a parent. Kids 16-18 still shouldn’t be separated because even though they can have jobs and drive most kids that age aren’t working a high paying job and they cant afford to live and survive on their own.


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