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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Early Morning Rush

I had just woken up in my girlfriends’ uncomfortable bed, not realizing it was 9:55am and my haircut appointment was at 10am. I frantically grabbed my keys and ran out the door in my gym shorts. Stumbling through the door I felt an incredibly cold breeze run down my legs. I had no time to change so I ran to my car and shivered as it warmed up. The drive there was miserable, I was half asleep and still had goosebumps from the cold.

Getting my haircut is one of my favorite things to do, so you can imagine the panic I felt running late. I felt so fresh and clean afterwards from the smooth mint shampoo in my hair, and the sweet smell of aftershave on my neck.

After my fresh cut, I still felt super drowsy and  sleepy. So I texted my girlfriend. “Hey yo, do you want some coffee from Starbucks? I am so tired, I can hardly keep my eyes open.”  She said “Yeah sure, I want a Pumpkin Frap with no whip cream ty.”  So I drove over to Starbucks, went in the drive thru and went to order.

As I nervously waited in line I felt a familiar feeling from earlier in the day. I could feel my heart beating faster and the panic set in again. I finally got up to the speaker to order. “Hi, my name is David. How can I help you today?” he said in a super exciting tone. I felt relieved because I usually get so much anxiety going into the drive thru. I always stutter and slur my words and forget what I am about to order. I feel like I am going into panic mode and choke up every time. It feels like stage fright, but it is “drive thru fright.” After he had talked in a nice tone, it really helped me relax.

I replied “Hi David, can I get a Tall Caramel Macchiato, and a Grande Pumpkin spice frappuccino please.” He then said “Yes, of course. Is that all I can get you today?” I replied with “I think that is all, thank you so much.” As I pulled up to the window he said “The total will be $10.73.”

I had just paid and he handed me the pumpkin frap covered in sweet cinnamon and caramel, and the “tall” caramel macchiato I had ordered. Me being very confused and on edge because of my tiredness and anxiety, I asked. “Sir, I ordered a “tall” drink, this is the small.” At this time I was feeling upset, I was ready to go back home. He smiled and said “That is the tall.”

I thought the “tall” size was the biggest size because it said “tall”. “Yeah, this is what you ordered. The “Tall” size is our smallest size, and the “Venti” is the largest size. This happens a lot. Would you like me to upgrade you size to a “Venti” instead?”

Me being myself with my anxiety “No it is okay thank you.” After I that felt so embarrassed and dumb. My face began to get hot and turn red, I didn’t even want to be out in public anymore. All of this happened because I did not read the menu on the sizes the right way, I felt like my tiredness was taking control again.  After this he proceeded to tell me why the Venti was the largest and why the Tall was the smallest. I didn’t really want to listen because I felt so embarrassed still. I just wanted to leave.

He continued to say “Back when the store opened in the early 1900s the largest size was a Tall, medium, then small. Overtime, humans have wanted to get more and more coffee. So Starbucks upped their sizes. So the Tall is the smallest, then grande, and finally Venti. This happens all of the time and people get so confused on why the “Tall” drink is so small.”

After I listened to this story pretending to care, I finally told him “Have a good day David, thank you so much.” and drove off. I did enjoy my caramel macchiato; it was super sweet and it had a strong caramel taste. The caramel was so thick, it could barely go through the little straw they gave me. It was delicious.

I have no idea how I kept driving home after I left, I was still so tired. This was a very awkward conversation for me, and I feel like this is why it stuck to me so much. I felt so embarrassed, and every time I think about it I get the same feelings.


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