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Editorial Paper: Women in our society


This essay explains what is the number one Social Welfare issue I would like to alleviate and the reasons I want to do so.


Women in our society

Women throughout the history have been subdued and, in one way or another, have been forced to live a low profile under the shadow of men. It seems that from the beginning of the world women have some devil inside and men are the ones that can handle it. Let’s think of Adam and Eve in paradise. Who was to blame for the disobedience committed? Of course Eve was to blame!

Nowadays, professional obstacles, gender wage pay, political participation, maternity discrimination, physical and sexual abuse, and, in some cultures, right to marriage/divorce, access to education or health services, prejudices, and stereotypes, are some of the inequalities that women experience all over the world.

Some examples of the reality that women live in around the world are the following:

These are some of the challenges that women face in their everyday lives. Some are evident, others are more subtle.  It is like women have to struggle to get what men have already taken for granted just because they were born male. In spite of the efforts made by feminists groups to promote gender equality we still live in a culture that supports some patriarchal ideas which sometimes are even encouraged by women themselves. That’s why we need some changes in the way we address the social problems described above.

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