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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Ethical Dilemma Response

Co-workers/Friends Dilemma

I am writing an anonymous letter to inform them of the current situation. Keeping names out of it will avoid any hard feelings between them and will allow me to continue my friendship with them as if I never knew anything.

Dear Roger,
Something important has come to my attention regarding Phyllis. I understand you’ve been dating her, and I happened to see her recently. She appeared to be with another man who is her husband. I know that it is shocking, and I don’t want this to come between us. I don’t want to say who I am, so this is just one friend passing information to another. I know who her husband is, and I will be passing information along as well. I will not use your name at all or even hint as to who you are. I don’t want to start any beef, I just want you to know and her husband to know what kind of person she is. Once again, I’m sorry I had to break this news to you but you’re my friend and I am looking out for you.

Dear Daniel,
I wish to remain completely anonymous in this situation. I know this will be hard to hear and will be a very negative surprise. It has come to my attention that your wife, Phyllis, has been having an affair. I know the other man well and he does not know that she is married. I won’t say his name in the interest of keeping my friendships. I do not want any hard feelings between you and him because he is not in the wrong, your wife is. Take this information for what it is. I hate being the middle man, but I can’t see one of my friends go through something like this. I am looking out for both of you and I feel that it is the best interest for you to know. Once again, I do not want to be the one to say who she is having an affair with. It doesn’t matter who it is with, what matters is that she is having an affair. I’m sorry again, I know this is hard to hear, and just know I had a hard time finding a way to tell you. This is just one guy looking out for another.

To Professor,
Out of the five ways of deciding what to do I believe that I used the fifth one. I asked myself what most people would do in this situation. I choose to write Daniel and Roger letters that explained what was happening and kept names out of it in order to avoid a conflict between them and myself. I was just simply passing information along. In this situation since they are my friends, I care about them and would hate to see them resent each other when neither of them were at fault. However, if I did nothing then it would show that I didn’t care about my friends. I believe that they have the right to know what is going on and that Phyllis is unfaithful.


***Note: The situation in this ethical dilemma has been fabricated for this assignment.

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