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Flash Memoir: Public Education

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English 2010


Flash Memoir: Public Education

The daily routine of waking up at 6am to get ready for school becomes more robotic as I go through the motions each day. We walk through the schools doors hoping to find something of interest to us as a potential career path. We sit in our assigned seats every morning, Monday through Friday, listening to words from our instructor that seem to fall upon deaf ears, but the content and material are crucial to our grades. So we force ourselves to a gear that is more attentive. At this point we do what it takes to earn our grade but not really retaining the information, especially if it is something that isn’t of interest to us at all. However, at the end of the day I remember unwillingly walking through the doors of my high school every morning hoping to find a path I could take on in the near future other than basketball.

When I go back to the days of my education before college, starting from elementary, I remember the amount of work being enough to handle, however this may not have been the case for other kids. Coming from a low income neighborhood and even having some friends who lived in poverty, there were plenty of kids who had personal issues at a young age, yet still came to school. Some even had to deal with the pressure of bullying. The same circumstances are relevant throughout Jr High and High school not only where I grew up, but throughout the world. The only difference is that once you get older the workload required to complete in order to pass becomes more intense and burdening on top of our heavy schedules.

The public education system may come with problems which include poverty, bullying, underfunded school systems which have fewer resources, excessive homework and more. Although these issues are relevant, it doesn’t change the fact that public education has provided opportunities for the better despite their problems. But there is always room for improvement and changes for a better outcome, not only for the school system itself, bur for families and students who can look forward to a future that will provide them with greater opportunities. A change in the public school system is of paramount importance to our country considering we are educating the very individuals who will one day have an impact in the world. It should be in our best interest to provide for the rising generations as they will be the ones to make great changes and leave their mark in the future.

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