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We all wonder why immigration started a big problem about people who came here illegally. They came here to be better, to leave their country that has violence, to stay out of trouble, and to feel safer for themselves and their families. Most people think they came here to steal their jobs, bring drugs, being violent, and mess around in the neighborhoods but that’s not the case at all.

It’s really disappointing how Americans will treat them like they are nothing because they are not from here. They came here to better themselves, to get away from the violence in their countries, want better education for their children, and have a better future. Immigrants came from countries where there was so much violence, so much political issues, and so much killings.

Immigrants wanted to know the real dream of coming to the United States. They want to know what it like is to have an opportunity, a good job, and to own a home of their own. They have helped to grow for the United States economy and improve the economic condition of their communities and families, but they continue to face barriers on higher education for themselves and their families because some of them don’t have the opportunity for it.

The American Dream for immigrants can mean absence of roadblocks that they will face in many other countries. The first roadblock they must face is social mobility, and the second roadblock they must face is identity formation. For example, Barack Obama was saying that immigrants who are striving to achieve of owning their own home raises home values which benefits the economy.

For education and employment opportunities for immigrants has been difficult for them when they first got to the United States. They tend to engage in entrepreneurship more than United States born citizens which is the one primary factor in the economic success of their communities and families. Getting a good job is hard for them to get because you have to some college education, but immigrants tend to reach a lower level of education than United States born citizens.

There are less than 230 million immigrants in the United States which makes about 3% of the global population. Immigrants are keeping the country running because they are the ones that pick the crops, build the houses, wash the bathrooms, and care for the sick and elderly. They perform these tasks that Americans don’t want to do for themselves, immigrants are treated mostly as second-class citizens.

In some cases, some argue that immigrants came here to steal jobs, a burden on taxpayers, and threaten indigenous people. Others say the opposite about immigrants, they think immigrants are the ones that brings the economy in, meets skill shortages, and helps create a greater society. The core role that immigrants play in economic development is often difficult by defensive measures to keep the immigrants out.

In the United States, over a third of documented immigrants are very skilled.

Governments that are more open towards immigration assist their country’s businesses which become more adaptive and profitable in the war for talent. Unskilled immigrants tent to be essential of working in construction, agriculture, and services.

We all wonder why some people think immigration is bad when it’s not. Those people believed that immigrants take their jobs and destroy the economy. Immigrants expand the economy’s productive capacity by investment and promoting specialization. They contribute significantly more in taxes than the benefits and services they receive in return.

Prominent liberals didn’t oppose or approve of immigration a decade ago which it was the most acknowledge it’s benefits to America’s economy and culture. They have supported a path to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants. They also asserted that low-skilled immigrants depressed on the wages of low-skilled American workers that strains America’s welfare state. This place basic principles in conflict of the undocumented immigrants where they do cross borders.

They have called undocumented immigrants “our neighbors,” but it’s been warned that we can’t continue to allow people to enter the U.S. undocumented and unchecked since it is illegal to cross borders. To those who employ them when they first arrive to the U.S. has disrespected the rule of the law. By 2016, such language was gone for this specific case. America’s immigration system as a big issue but not illegal immigration itself. It has focused on almost entirely on the forms of immigration enforcement that Democrats opposed.

The last two decades preceding 2008, the U.S. had experienced sharp growth in undocumented immigrant’s population. It hasn’t gone down significantly, it stayed roughly the same. Between 2008 and 2016, the Democrats were becoming more and more confident that the country’s growing Latino population gave the party an electoral edge. They actually convinced themselves that the Latino population was increasing and that they wanted white people to be skeptical about immigration.

I notice that the Democrats wanted to be more influenced by pro-immigrant activism. Immigrants’-rights advocates were doing protests against the administration’s deportation rules and that these protests were culminated. The administration announced that it would defer the deportation of undocumented immigrants who had arrived in the United States before the age of 16.

As what President Obama was noting that he was facing growing pressure from Latino leaders and the Democrats who had warned him about his hard immigration enforcement, his support was lagging among Latinos who can be crucial voters in his presidential race for re- election.

Bernie Sanders was also discussing about immigration where he thinks it’s ridiculous of the policy they were given towards immigrants. He was saying that the United States should sharply raise the level of immigration we permit and up to a level of open borders for all not just to keep them away from their families. He also explained that the wages for undocumented immigrants should be raised like every American citizen in this world.

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