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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Informative Outline

Specific Goal: My audience will learn about ways to improve their study habits which will also help them to improve their grades.

Application:  The audience may apply the information that I provide them and use it to improve their study habits.

Ethos: Primary Ethos: I have a 4.0 GPA and will graduate with high honors this Spring.

       Secondary Ethos: I will cite five references out loud in my speech.

Pathos: The story about how I as a mother to three children am able to accomplish high grades while taking 19 credit hours will be inspiring, especially to other mothers and fathers.

Logos: I will use research to back up my claims about the importance of writing down goals.  I will also use other sources to back up claims for the importance of organization.

Audience Assessment: My audience likely knows about several different study tips and habits but likely do not use them, or know which ones are most efficient.

Adaptation to Audience:  I will describe what VARK testing is so they will have an understanding of how it will help them.

Pattern of Organization:  My organization will be done Topically in the Introduction and Body.


  1. Hook: Imagine eating an elephant, would this be easier in one sitting or in small pieces over time?
  2. Thesis: Knowing how to organize your schedule and which study methods are proven to work will help you to continually surpass the average student.

Transition: Now that you know where we are headed, I’ll begin with why I believe I know how to help.


  1. As a mother dealing with so much on my plate it has been difficult to add school into the mix and do well.
    1. Yet I have maintained high honors, and will be presented as a graduate of excellence at commencement.
      • I have three young children.
      • I watch all of my nieces and nephews several hours each week.
      • I am in school more than full time with 19 credit hours.
    2. I have learned early on how best to organize several classes.
    3. I have learned what my studying style was so I could study smarter.
  2. “Productivity is all about efficiency – doing more, faster and with less (Lavenda, 2017).”

Transition: How can we accomplish greater efficiency in our lives?

Transition: Once you have taken the time to prepare for the semester it is important to know your learning style and how best to foster it.

  1. Everyone learns best using different strategies.
    1. A great resource to help find out what methods of studying will help you to succeed is the VARK questionnaire (The VARK Questionnaire, 2017).
      • VARK stand for visual, aural, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.
        1. You can have a strength in one area or multiple.
        2. “The VARK questions and their results focus on the ways in which people like information to come to them and the ways in which they prefer to deliver their communication (Research & Statistics, 2017).”
      • Discovering your learning preferences gives each person the ability to develop techniques which will cater to their success (Understanding the Results, 2017).


  1. Success in school can be accomplished by any student willing to learn which methods are proven to put them on that path.
  2. Students that take the time to organize their schedule and uncover how they learn best will be able to improve their grades and many more opportunities will be opened to them.



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