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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Letter to Representatives

Subject: Making parents with children in Private schools pay less in taxes

Dear Senator Mayne/Representative Hall:

Here in Utah, there are currently a lot of paid taxes going to the many public schools. There are however also many private schools here in Utah that charge parents thousands of dollars for their children to attend, because private schools do not get that support from the government. Therefore, parents with children in private schools are paying extra for education taxes while they are also paying the cost for their child to attend a private school.

My mother, for example always felt more comfortable sending me and my sister to a private school. So while we were in school, being a single mother, she had a hard time paying the extra taxes, the cost of private school, and for other essentials all at the same time.

There are many parents that are in this same situation. To help these struggling parents, I would encourage you to vote/support bills that would lower the taxes of parents who have children attending private schools.


SLCC Student

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