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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Life With A Siberian Husky

Having a dog is the greatest and funniest experience you can have in life, dogs provide love and companionship. As a Siberian Husky my dog Koda is the perfect definition of a loving destructive dog. The first month that she came home with my husband and I she began tearing apart pieces of our home. My sweet Koda has gone from eating our drywall, eating a chunk out of my new couches though the most insane moment of all was when she ate a plastic Tupperware full of coconut oil.

When Koda first came home at about 7 weeks old during the winter we let her sleep inside the house, even though we bought her a nice insulated dog house for outside. We were able to house train her easily at the most we had 3 accidents to clean up. At the beginning I would say to myself “This is pretty great! She doesn’t give me any problems, what a well trained puppy we have.” It wasn’t very long before I stopped thinking that. She began to chew up our carpet, gnaw at the drywall and eating chunks out of our couches. My husband became frustrated and would tell me “Should we take her to a dog camp and get her trained? I don’t know what to do she is costing us a lot of money.” We soon came to realize she had a ton of energy that she needed to let loose, especially since our yard was not very large. So my husband and I decided that every weekend we would take her to the canyon or the dog park and let her roam free for a good 4 hours. Every ride back home she slept, and I kept thinking “This is going to work”. After about a month of this routine she wouldn’t dig up our yard, or chew any part of our house.

On a really hot July afternoon and we decided to let her come inside and enjoy some air conditioning. My husband let her into the living room and she went straight for the couch, I could hear her collar jingle from my bedroom. My husband walked into the bedroom with a smile on his face as he said “She is so happy, she ran around the room a few times and jumped on the couch over and over.” We laid down to take a nap, in just a few short minutes later I could hear crunching. I walked out of my room and into the living room and all I saw was Koda chewing something, as I get closer I realized it was the Tupperware full of coconut oil that I had left out. Angrily I grabbed her collar and I pulled her back outside. “Cristian! Look what she did! Stupid dog doesn’t know when to stop!” I yelled furiously.

I began to clean up the remaining’s of a plastic Tupperware and hints of coconut oil on my couch and carpet. I was so angry I didn’t even realize there was no coconut oil left and hardly 20% of the Tupperware was in my hands. I began to feel anxious to the point I started to cry thinking my dog was going to die from all the plastic and the coconut oil, I ran into the kitchen and poured her a bowl of milk hoping it would help everything leave her stomach quicker. With the bowl of milk in my hand I ran outside and put the bowl next to Koda hoping and praying she would drink it all. “Don’t leave me” I kept saying while petting her head. It was a moment of realization of how I truly felt towards Koda.

I have dealt with so much destruction from my dog that at the end of the day, at the end of every incident that happens I would never want my dog to be in any harm. Koda can be the sweetest most adorable dog in the world and yet she continues to be a destroyer, but I won’t give up on her.

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