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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Man of Life

Colorful flowers, green lands, frosty place, and organic foods give us a new life. 50 years ago, A farmer lives with his large family in Parwan, Parwan is one of the smallest and undeveloped provinces of Afghanistan that people have a very hard time of living and there is no resource for people, they are using from the primary tools and things to spend their life. The farmer had a happy life and he enjoyed his work inside of colorful flowers which smell like heaven. He was really a strong person that supported his family and collect all of his family members like our five fingers that each family members depend on each other. His economic situation was not good and he always pretends to his family that he has enough money to support them. He worked very hard on lands to get better products, as all of us know that the product of the end of the year is everything for the farmers because a farmer working the whole year and waiting for the end of the year to see the result of their hardworking.

Farmers have 4 boys, and 4 girls plus his brother’s sons as well. One day the farmer took a nap on the surface of lands after finishing his work and he saw in his dream that his sons are inside of wheat and running. when the farmer woke up he kept thinking about life and he realized that his sons should start school and get an education and make their lives better and for how long they should work as a farmer. Those days the situation of Afghanistan was not good and the war was about to begin between Afghanistan people and Soviet Russian. The farmer sends his sons to school and raises them to become young. When the farmer sees his sons every day with the school uniforms and back bags he became very strong. The farmer was happy that his sons are young enough to help him with this works. Abdul Hakim Ayubi is one of the farmer’s sons, he is really smart and intelligent, he worked very hard both in school and on land as a farmer.

He has always been in the first position at his school. His aunt told me, that she saw Abdul Hakim working on the ground and shovel on one hand and book on the other hand, he loves to work inside wheat and colorful flower, the smell of flowers always giving him the energy to finish everything on time, he already knows his responsibility, and he was really smart because he gives value to every small thing in his life and he focused more on school and working on the lands, to get better results and products. Abdul Hakim was really smart at that time, he read a lot of books and memorized a dictionary for his vocabulary and some nights he stayed awake until 3 am too studying and finishing his homework.

During his time the war between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union began and the darkest days for people begin and the price of goods increases day by day because of the war. The place that Abdul Hakim lived there was no light or electricity and we can say undeveloped and people of that city lived in a very hard situation and bad time.

Family has used the candle to make their house or room bright because there wasn’t electricity or other sources. The price of candles was expensive and it was hard for the farmer’s family to provide a candle for his son ( Abdul Hakim) during the night because Abdul hakim mostly studied during the night and did more work during the day. There wasn’t enough candle to spend studying during the night, but he never gave up and studied in the light of the moon at the top of their house. If we notice around 1-3 am, the moon has better light and its very enjoyable for everyone to read or study at that time. Finally, he finished his school with A grades but still the security and their life situation was not good and every day he was trying to find a way to make their life better and better.

One day Abdul Hakim receive news that there is a scholarship that sending students to the International University Of Malaysia and Saudia Arabia University based on the student’s ability and knowledge. More than 500 students applied but they only can send 50 students, 25 students to Malaysia and 25 to the Saudia. The reason is Because of too many applications, they run a test and based on the result of the test they are sending students with the highest point.

This scholarship was a great opportunity for Abdul Hakim to go forward and forward. He started to study for the test and bring more pressure on himself because he didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. Finally, the day that Abdul Hakim was waiting, it arrived. He went to take the test and see the result of his hard work, after a week he got the result of the test and his name was under the list of students who receive the Malaysia scholarship. He was so happy at that moment that he can go to Malaysia for his education but he was wondering about his family, especially his mom and dad. Finally, he decided to go for his education and start a new page in his life. For him, it was really hard to leave his family and going to another country that never talks or speaks their language but the value of knowledge gave him enough energy to be motivated and continue his education. He started his college with very low grades but day by day he gets enough knowledge to pass his classes. Finally, the son of Famer complete his Ph.D. in the law field with a lot of problems like he took care of his family, he worked in the shop and also went to university to finish his education. After 15 years he came back to Afghanistan and he just counted the days to visit his dad and mom. He got a better job in Afghanistan with his degree and support his family, He had a lot of money at that time, some of the people didn’t know dollars, what is dollar but his salary was the dollar. He was really kind and help everyone and he didn’t bring any difference between his friend and family.

Through this story we can learn, the pay off hardworking is huge and we should work hard to get a better life. Behind every darkness there is light and we should not give up until we get the light. The son of Farmer changed they life of his family members, Farmer only had a few lands by right now they have a house, car, nice clothes and a wonderful life. This is really a good lesson for everyone to get working hard and keep in their minds that it might take time and it still possible. Some times, I think to myself why some people are waiting for the luck and let other people to make decisions about them. This is our life and we should make and shape our life!

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