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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Open Letter to Distracted Drivers

Dear Distracted Drivers,

Is that text worth it? Is it more important than the life of another human being? These are not questions you think of as you get on your phone will driving, but they should be.

It only takes one second for you to hit another car and ruin their life and your own. It only takes one second to lose sight of the road and end your own life. No matter what the accident is, it only takes one second. You may think you can text fast or hurry and look down at your phone for one second but that’s all it takes. That’s all it takes to take a life. A mother. A son. A grandma. A newly married couple. It does not matter who or their situation, but the fact is that you took something away from them. Whether it is their life or not, that cannot be replaced and will have a big effect on them for the rest of their lives. All because you were so impatient and could not wait to get on your phone until you arrived at your destination. If it is that serious, you can pull over to the side of the road; but, don’t you dare get on your phone while your car is in motion.

I had a close friend whose life was taken on the road because someone chose to check their phone while driving. They were coming down the canyon and it was a twisty road with many blind corners. Another car was driving up the canyon going at high speeds. This driver heard a chime and looked down at their phone to check who just text them and within that split second, they collided head on with my friend’s car. Flipping the car immediately and instantly taking this young girl’s life. She was in her second year of college and had plans to travel the world. She was a bright, young, determined girl and had a full life ahead of her. No one ever realizes the consequences of your actions until it happens in your life or to someone close to you.

I never realized the impact and significance of getting on my phone while I was driving. People always said, “Don’t text and drive!” and I would say, “It’s just one word and I push the send button. What harm can that do?” I did not see the harm and pain it could really cause someone. Until I saw it happen firsthand to someone who was close to me.

There have been too many lives taken for people to not want to do something about this. This is a serious issue, and it needs to come to an end. So next time you think about replying to that text message, looking that video up, or send that snap, imagine if it was your life.


The girl who lost her friend in a car crash to a distracted driver

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