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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Personal Letter

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for being the greatest role models I could have ever asked for. You both have always been remarkable examples of how to be loving, accepting, eager to help others, extremely hard-working, and so much more. I cannot begin to measure how many lessons you have taught me that I use every single day. Over the years, you both have dedicated so much time and effort to your careers, and it has been amazing witnessing all that pay off. From all the state and national awards you have won, to more recent events. For example: dad, selling your business, and finally being able to successfully retire, to mom, being so friendly and making so many long-lasting relationships. Some of which have resulted in landing great business deals. All these accomplishments, while never failing to come home every night to be supporting, loving parents to your entire family. You have always been there to provide whatever I, all my five siblings, and their children have needed, even if it meant sacrificing something of your own. Even though just about every one of us kids were delinquents, you always stuck by us, constantly supported us, and because of that, you will never lose us. Not to mention also finding the time to always be there for your siblings, parents, nieces and nephews, even friends, and countless others. Your ability to stay motivated to constantly manage all this is incredible, to say the least, and I hope to take all you have taught me and translate that into being a person who emulates the both of you so future generations can see what I see. You can absolutely count on the next two or three generations to have a pretty good idea of what my phenomenal parents were like because I know I’ll be talking about you my entire life. I am incredibly grateful to have you as parents. I love both more than life, and I hope you always know it.


Your Son

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