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Should abortion be morally legal in the United States in this time period? Many people think that abortion isn’t right and shouldn’t be morally legal, but it should. There are many reasons why women abort, but others don’t understand those reasons or don’t know a lot about the situation. Having unwanted children makes them suffer and grow up being unloved. Abortion should always be an option for women because it causes those children to be abused in the future, they get neglected, we’re overpopulated, it causes depression, and because of financial situations. On the other hand, I understand that abortion shouldn’t be morally legal. Abortion shouldn’t be morally legal because it’s the life of a human being even if they can’t be seen. Some say the baby is a human and others think it’s only alive, but not a human. Peredo argues that according to biology the new being has her own DNA since the day she was created. As soon as a baby is created, it has the right to live. It is believed that every living being has a purpose behind his/her birth. If killing someone who has not committed a crime nor done anything bad is wrong then abortion should not be morally accepted. According to American Adoption, it costs more money to abort than to place a child on adoption. Adoption is free and parents may receive living expenses paid for by the adopting family during the pregnancy. Above all, not only is it killing the life of a human being, but it also reduces the number of adoptable babies.


First of all, abortion should be morally legal because it causes those children to be abused in the future. According to Seiglie, abortion reduces the chance of child abuse. Russo and David mention that “Both unintended and unwanted childbearing can have negative health, social, and psychological consequences. Health problems include greater chances for illness and death for both mother and child. In addition, such childbearing has been linked with a variety of social problems, including divorce, poverty, child abuse, and juvenile delinquency.” As can be seen, having the child unwanted could cause child abuse and many other consequences.

Indeed, abortion is the safest way to get rid of an unwanted baby. According to Berg, a study that was published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology shows that abortion is safe. The study found that there is less than one percent of complications after an abortion, when women go to the ER (Emergency Room) after an abortion the conditions are unrelated to the abortion, and most of the abortion-related complications that women suffer are minor. Grimes indicates that there has been more deaths before abortion was legalized. Before abortion was legalized, women would do it illegally. Some ways that women completed illegal abortion were “Insertion of foreign bodies was common and more effective than oral agents. Objects included a coat hanger, knitting needle, bicycle spoke, ballpoint pen, chicken bone and rubber catheter. Some women threw themselves off of stairs or roofs in an attempt to end a pregnancy.” Many women have done illegal abortions and have died from it.

Next, children that come to the world unwanted are the ones who suffer from neglect. Rahman indicates that “A parent’s feelings toward a child born as a result of unwanted pregnancy may adversely affect the child’s health if these feelings contribute to conscious or unconscious neglect of the child, resulting in inadequate provision of nutrition, lack of parent-child bonding and inattention to the child’s health care needs.” Children who are not wanted by the mother or father may suffer more neglect and abuse than those who are wanted. Most of the time, the mother reduces her ability to deal with the child’s needs which leads to consequences of the child’s health. Not aborting an unwanted child makes the child suffer and grow up feeling lonely. Being able to abort makes families easier to support and less neglect towards the child. A child should always be fed, cared for, and given love above all circumstances.

Meanwhile, people who have more children that they don’t want are making us be overpopulated. Overpopulation is a huge threat on earth today and it can’t be solved unless less kids are created. Bradshaw, an ecologist at the University of Adelaide in Australia, argues that human population is the cause of every environmental issue we have. The environmental issues we have are because there are too many people and they are straining natural resources. If abortion reduces environmental issues by not bringing to life someone who’s unwanted, then it is good for society to morally accept abortions.

No doubt, having a child when you aren’t ready causes depression. Herd and Higgin’s investigations found that there are “associations between unintended pregnancy and maternal depression during the pregnancy, during the postpartum period, and within the first 7 years of the birth.” Herd and Higgin’s research also showed that “mothers of unintended children aged 5 to 18 years were significantly more likely to be depressed and unhappy than were women whose children resulted from intended pregnancies.” Overall, depression is a result to both mother and child when the pregnancy is unwanted.

Finally, abortion should be accepted morally because many times families can’t afford having a child. Any person can possibly suffer due to financial situations and that can lead to depression or any other severe mental health issue, especially when you have to care for others needs it gets harder. Once in a while babies come unexpected. In the case of Stradiotto, she had two children under the age of three, her husband was working 72 hours a week, and she was the primary giver to her two children. Stradiotto found out that she was pregnant with a third child. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to afford child care for her two children and her husband couldn’t cut back his hours at work. Stradiotto felt that the third baby would put a lot of pressure on her and end her marriage so her husband and her decided to end the pregnancy by aborting because it was not the right time for them to have another child. Years later when their children didn’t depend so much from them, they decided to have another child. Therefore, being a parent requires the right time. It does not only require time, but money as well.


In conclusion, abortion should be an option to any woman who really needs to. If it’s her body then it should be her choice to decide if she wants to have the baby or not. Children who aren’t wanted suffer the consequences of being abused and neglected. Not only do the children suffer, but the parents as well. Parents could possibly suffer due to any financial situation which can lead to depression. Overall, parenting can be a very difficult thing for many people because it requires time, dedication, and money.


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