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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Response Paper: Intercultural Conflict Style


It was a very short exam, but I really think they were very successful with my style. My style, it is the debate and about the information they provide about the people as me, it is very trusted indeed. The style of debate is characterized by directly speaking the problem that happens without any fear or fury which is very much in line with my past experiences.

Conflict Style


Another very important feature of the style of debate is that we are able to elaborate arguments and preserve a pacifist atmosphere. Which allows us to have a control of the situation and always be able to have a great advantage because we do not show emotions when talking about a specific topic. After reading the information that came in my package I was really amazed really because it practically describes the way I am. Despite having only 18 questions, they have a good subjective and correct analysis from my point of view.

Quite apart from the features they provide agreed with me, it also adds that we are people who have difficulty reading between the lines, which I totally agree, being an honest person, when I have too much text to read or I have a time limit to read something, I never read everything. I always read keywords and in my head, they start to form ideas of what I’m really reading and this is a way to save me a time when I have to multitask.


I remember a while ago that my fellow students at the Student Council were very angry and disappointed because they could not attend an event. The event was very important for us because we won a national medal but only the presidents of the college could go. I started to debate with the managers and explain the subject directly and without applying feelings on the subject. They accepted me in a much more positive way and we were able to reach a very favourable agreement for us, thanks to the attitude that I decided to use for my debate.


In the world, all people are characterized by many things but in particular, by not being equal, each person has their own personality and lifestyle that defines their future. Thanks to this test, I could only confirm in a way the way I see things and because I like to debate instead of discussing. I think it is very important to always have knowledge of the true meaning of the words we use in everyday life and that way we can describe ourselves as people really.


Stringer, Ph.D. Donna. “Resolving Conflict across Cultural Boundaries Using the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS).” Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory,

Keywords: intercultural communication, conflict style

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