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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Rhetorical Intervention

First a for most, I apologize for the quality of the comic and I’ll bring the full thing on Monday. But I drew this comic as a longtime customer of the videogame industry since about 2001- present. Back then full games would come out and they would be of a very good quality (story, characters, gameplay, graphics (for the time)) now it’s seems to be all about the money which is what I tried to illustrate in the comic. It’s a comic loosely because it doesn’t have character development, color, and good art style. I’ll do my best to explain what is going on in the comic to an understanding that you may not know the industry like I do.

The first three images are what the industry looked like when I was a kid as I picture it now. Back then it was still an immerging industry, games like pong and space invaders to consoles like the NES and Nintendo 64, gave rise to a technological and artistic giant of an industry that it is today. Nintendo and Sony were already fairly secure as leaders in the industry and Microsoft tried to join in making it a four-way competition between Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (playstation), Nintendo, and PC gaming.

The second strip is the beginning of the absurd monetization of the industry. Technology was advancing and games could be given additional content through internet systems, Which lead to the illusion that they were finishing a whole game then cutting pieces of to sell later, to increase profit. The consumer base still operating mostly “good will” for purchasing or condoning the industry practices. Personally, I was fine with paying for after then fact for my favorite games and a lot of the customer base were as well.

The third strip in really the heart of where the absurd monetization of this industry is. Continuing on the second strips image of cutting up the final product, they continued to cut the product up. The introduced “pre-order” bonuses and “day 1 DLC (downloadable content)” locking content away by offering you to purchase the game without really knowing if it was worth it, thus giving the developers money back before the game even released. The recent controversy of the industry is Loot boxes with the same model, locking content away for money. Some developers participate some don’t, some only offer cosmetic items that don’t hinder performance at all, some make it part of the multiplayer. Many customers are boycotting games and developers until they revert the microtransaction model.

The forth strip is more of prediction and direction the industry giants are doing. After making all this money by appealing to the richest of the customer base to fuel these actions. Lots of people are going leave these developers to wither away for their practices. The last image is based on that happening. No one is lining up to get their product.


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