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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Service Learning Service: Lupus Foundation of America


Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which can damage many parts of the body such as skin and organs. Some people with lupus suffer only minor inconvenience. It is the world’s cruelest, most unpredictable, and devastating diseases. Others suffer significant lifelong disability. According to the Lupus Foundation of America approximately 1.5 million people in the U.S. have lupus. 1 person in every group of 250 people may develop lupus, although it can occurs in both men and women, 90% of people diagnosed with the disease are women the disease usually strikes between age 15 and 44. Despite all of this, Lupus is one of the America’s least recognized major diseases.


In order to raise awareness about Lupus and the Lupus foundation in Utah, they distributed flyers at local community boards to achieve the primary goal of raising awareness, and utilized hashtags and different social media to achieve our secondary goal of engaging the Lupus community with the Lupus Foundation. They plan is to make research to solved the mystery and end with this brutal disease. The Foundation of America claims that a smarter research will generate faster progress. Also their plan is to motivate people to become an activist, spreading awareness, participating in a research study, or raise funds with that the Foundation of America can get one step closer to improve the lives of people with Lupus. At the same time they makes events such as walk so people get to know more about this.


They obtain many advancing from the research on Lupus. Some of the results from their research were: Funding Promising Research, Clinical Trials are now more efficient and effective and Support to increase lupus research funding. They found groundbreaking studies into what causes lupus, how it progresses, and the better ways to manage lupus. Also, they modernize how clinical trials are designed and conducted so they can be more efficient and effective. From all their efforts the Foundation of America become the first lupus organization to dedicate funds to research into cardiovascular disease in lupus, have nearly $ 75 million in federal funding for lupus research and are the first lupus organization to fund adult stem cell research.

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Before doing this service learning project I have never hear about the lupus disease. When I start the project I went into the website of the foundation to learn more about the disease and also about the foundation to figurate what they do for those who have the disease. Now that I end the service learning I know more the disease and the foundation, I can talk about it without any problems. It is good to always learn something new, you never know when that can helps. For the second assignment of the service learning project I have to go and put flyers of the foundation in many community boards. This assignment has help me to lose the fear of speak English and at the same to improve my English. It helps me because when I ask for permission to paste the flyer to the management I have to explain that was for my marketing class and also explained to him about the foundation and what is lupus. This will help me a lot in the future because by speak fluency two languages I can get better opportunities.

This project meets all the learning outcomes listed in the syllabus. The outcomes explain that we will complete oral and visual presentation, make marketing research, process data, draw reasonable conclusions and also volunteer in a non-profit organization. During this time doing the service learning project, I have done all these things. First I have to choose a non-profit organization to volunteer in, I choose the Lupus Foundation of America. Secondly, I have to research the foundation, process data so I can complete the first assignment also to explain to the management of the store where I paste my flyers of what was about the flyer. Thirdly make a visual and oral presentation in front of my classmate and professor about the foundation and the SWOT analysis.

This project has to helped me reach my academic and personal goals. Referring to the academic goals, before doing these I have no idea what area of business I want to go into. But now I have one option which is marketing. In the personal goals help me to accomplish the goal to lose the fear of speak English and share my thoughts. My reflection has changed since the first one. In the first one, I write that I want to know more about this disease, how to help them and how to market a non-profit organization. Now I know what lupus is and how can I be involved to help others and how to market the foundation such as I did paste their flyers. I have seen a lot of the lupus flyers in many stores and this can have a very positive impact on the people. If the community looks to those flyers they will be interesting like me and go search for more information. By everyone knowing about the lupus foundation we can be more and end the mystery of lupus.

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