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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Service Project Proposal



Author’s First and Last Name

Salt Lake Community College Student

English Department




Dear [Ms. X],


I am writing to take the opportunity to collaborate with the Natural History Museum to create and edit new volunteer training videos. My team and I accepted your request on September 12th, 2018.

[Friend’s First Name] and I have a background in video editing and have used programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro. We have both done projects very similar to this in other school classes. [Friend’s First Name] will be the contact person and the expected completion of this project is December 3rd. We appreciate the opportunity.

We appreciate your time looking into our proposal which is enclosed. If you have any questions or comments you can contact [Friend’s First and Last Name] at If you accept the proposal  please sign and return it to [Friend’s First Name] so we can start working and make things happen.


[Author’s First and Last Name]

[Friend’s First and Last Name]



Proposal for Museum Video Training Project Proposal Approval Form

Proposal for Natural History Museum Video Project

[Author’s First and Last Name] & [Friend’s First and Last Name]

English 2100 – Professor [Name] 9/19/2018


This proposal is concerning the Natural History Museum of Utah nonprofit and volunteer organization. The approval of this proposal and completion of this project will help NHMU fulfill its mission “The Natural History Museum of Utah illuminates the natural world and the place of humans within it.” This project will be targeting the volunteers working for the Invertebrate Collections. We will be creating, planning, editing, and recording videos to train new volunteers for this position. These videos are vital to the safety and protection of these artifacts and collections. Small mishandlings could lead to devastating occurrences. With our help of creating these videos new volunteers can get the proper training and insight on what to do. [Manager of the Invertebrate Department’s First and Last Name] is the manager of the Invertebrate Department and will be working with us personally on site.

The NHMU is currently faced with the dilemma of not having any training videos for their oncoming volunteers in the Invertebrates Department. They have sought out to apply myself and [Friend’s First Name] to this task as we are most fit because of our background in cinematography.

Natural History Museum does not have the time nor resources to create these videos with ease.

To enact this process of video making we would have a series of events that would need to happen. The order of creating a video can be long and tentative but with the right resources and coordination it can be easy. Some of these steps include:

[Friend’s First Name] and I will be in charge of all items excluding what content will be needed in the orientation videos. We will be bound to a strict schedule that is enclosed below.





The project should not cost anything to produce other than time and patience. When we are done the Natural History Museum of Utah should have a fully developed video course in training new volunteers. The project should only take approximately 15 hours to complete and will be finished and sent to you by December 3rd if not sooner. Upon acceptance of our proposal we will come in contact with you right away and set up an appointment to meet on site. Thank you for taking your time to read our proposal. We look forward to working with you.

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