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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

There is not difference

Believe, the pain of death is also reflecting in their eyes. To be alive is wonderful. As humans you can enjoy it. You can do a lot of things, discover, to be in love, smile, to be happy. You have rights and you can protect yourself. But what about death? Death is our final path in this world. However, I think most of the humans have pain about this. Maybe it´s because we´re scared of having a horrible death such as someone killing us. I’m not saying that someone will kill you. But think for one moment, if you were in this situation, how would you feel like? You were scared, right? And why would you be scared? Because you have feelings. Feelings are emotions that form in the deepest part of our brain, the limbic system. With emotions we react to situations. Animals can feel just as humans can feel emotions and live with it. This topic is complicated, because it is difficult to think about life and death. About why humans could kill animals with any good reason.

Some time ago, I realized that I am a person that defends the life of animals. I will ask one question; Why humans can have benefits of life and some animals not? Thinking about this for a while I came to the conclusion that humans have all this rights because we think and we believe we are superior to animals. We are the animals that can be different from others because we think. But I don’t believe being able to think is a justification for manipulating the life of others living beings. Animals are living beings and have the right to live in peace, because nothing that is alive will want to suffer and be destroyed piece by piece in both senses, emotionally and physically.


There is a basement, no lights. A smell of death floods the place. There is a person with their hands tied up behind their back. This person is in a cage with blood on the floor. It is like a jail. He is waiting for the end. Someone comes in the room He has a knife in his hand. Everyone knows that the prisoner will be killed. However, the murdered want to enjoy this death. Meanwhile, the prisoner starts to panic, he´s scared and terrified. He is tired because of all the suffering he´s going through. Then there is the end. The prisoner gets stabbed three times in the stomach while he is in the jail, while he is bleeding out the guy takes a hammer and hits the prisoner in the head, the prisoner tries to stand up, but as soon as he moves his head to see the killer. The killer makes him face up and that’s when the worst happens. The killer stabs him on the throat and starts cutting down his chest and down to his waist. The blood coming out from his body is worse than anybody can imagine, it’s like a river going down a fall. As the prisoner can’t move he feels pain, it’s so much that he doesn’t even know if he is alive anymore, he can’t feel his arms nor his vital nerves, his heart rate is slowing down, he takes his last breath and looks at the killer in the eyes one last time and his breath vanishes like the wind in a hot summer day. It is a bad death.

Now, imagine.

There is a fabric, not lights. A smell of death floods the place. There are cows imprisoned in a small cage with big bars and lots of blood. It is like a jail. The cows presage their death. Someone comes… he has a knife. Everyone knows that the cows will be killed so that humans will have food to eat. However, you don´t know that this person wanted to make suffer all those cows because he thinks these animals can´t feel anything. The cows start to panic, they are scared and terrified. They are suffering because all the things that they are going through. As the human walks in the cage he goes for one of the cows, with his knife stabs three times in the stomach while the cow is in the cage, while the cow is bleeding out the guy takes a hammer and hits the cow in the head, the cow tries to stand up, but as soon as he moves his head to see the human. The human makes the cow face up and that’s when the worst happens. The human stabs the cow on the throat and starts cutting down the chest and down to the waist. The blood coming out from the body is worse than anybody can imagine, it’s like a river going down a fall. As the cow can’t move it feels pain, it’s so much that the cow doesn’t even know if it’s alive anymore, the cow can’t feel his arms nor his vital nerves, his heart rate is slowing down, he takes the last breath and looks at the human in the eyes one last time and his breath vanishes like the wind in a hot summer day. It is a bad death.

What is the difference between this two situations? Because I can’t see any difference. Both deaths are cruel. And cruelty is not respectful for anyone. Is not fair for everyone. Before I keep writing. I want to explain that I am not against to eat meat. Sometimes I eat meat too. It has protein, so is important in our lives. But I am against the cruelty that humans do to kill this animals that we eat. In the case of the person, some days after that, there will be many news, posters, videos, etc. A hundreds of person will react against this situation and express their unconformity. In the other hand, nobody will care about the cows. There will be people, activists that protest against it. But nobody will listen.

ASPCA is an organization founded by Henry Bergh that protects and cares about animal´s life. Its organization helped to change the understanding of how humans see animals. Also, some scientific organizations are using The Three Rs that means Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement of animals in laboratories. “Human cell and tissue cultures, sometimes combined with silicon-chip technology and fluorescent dyes, are replacing animals in medical research and vaccine production.” (Bekoff, 5.) The use of alternative methods are very important not just for technological advance but also to preserve wildlife. Computer programs can have an accuracy of the 80% or not to assure that a chemical is good for medicaments. It’s no necessary to use animals to testing. However, there still some companies that use animals to test their products. We as society can help, without buying stuff that have animals testing.

However, even when ASPCA are doing their best to protect animals, in some countries the cruelty continues. Eugenio Derbez, a filmmaker, producer and actor, recently invited us to sign for a good cause. He want to stop animal´s cruelty in Mexico. He made this petition through Mercy for Animals and launched it on the page of Also, Derbez launched a video where he exhibits how slaughterhouses mistreat animals. In Mexico’s Law say that anyone can mistreat animals. Slaughterhouses must desensitized animals before they kill them. However it don´t happen. I can’t believe why this “workers” want to make suffer these animals. All the panic that this animals feel and pass through their bodies and their skin. And then we eat that. All this bad energy is going in our body too. This is no the biggest consternation, the real concern is why humans kill animals so cruelly. The government isn´t doing anything against it. I signed this petition because I want that more people open their eyes, not to allow to eat meat but to correct the situation of killing animals like that.

It is not just happening in Mexico, it is also happening in other countries. Recently, launch this two new petitions, one is for stopping the cruelty in a festival that China have to kill dogs and then eat it. And the second is to make a judicial case to investigate the environment that Arby’s, the restaurant, has for the animals. This last petition affirm that Arby’s mistreated all the hens that they kill to process in their restaurants.

Every day I think about who human´s life is. What we believe and what are our cultures. What we know that is the right and incorrect. About white moments and black moments. And how there are persons that still believe that “the role of the new theories of animal rights and liberation has been to provide and intellectual justification for what activists are doing and to clarify the goals of the activism.” (Finsen, 4.) I still can’t understand why there are many people that thought animals´ life aren´t important. That it is just a justification so activisms can “disturb the thinking of the people. It isn´t a justification it is real life. It is happening and we need to wake up.

Cause all the power that we are taking in this world, thousands of animals are extinguished. Cause the trafficking of animals in Asia and Africa elephants is pushing them and others species to the extinction. “The population of African forest elephants, which are often gunned down for their ivory tusks, decreased 60 percent from 2002 to 2012 due to poaching.” (Rosa, 3.) This is another illegal cause that humans do against the life of animals. In the internet there is information, pictures of people that enjoy to hunt to sale the parts of some animals as their horns, heads, skin, etc. What´s the difference between this and the trafficking of humans? There is not difference. But because we are humans we think the life of animals is not important. I don’t think so.

The life of animals is as important as humans’ life. “The “interest” of animals should be accorded “equal consideration” with those of people.” (Smith, 23.) It means that humans and animals have different rights but should treated as equal. Humans don’t have the same community as animals do. I mean that we have rights according of our society as no thief, not exceed the speed limit, etc. Animals can’t have these rights because they don’t drive, isn’t true? But, I believe we have different kind of rights. The rights to live, and the rights of life. The first one tell us that we have rights that controls some aspects of our life to live well. The second one tell us that anyone that have life have the right to live it. Animals are our oldest ancestors of life. All living beings have something similar because we all belong to the same planet; The Earth.

“There are significant differences between the human movement and the animal rights movement. The human movement promoted kindness and the elimination of cruelty without challenging the assumption of human superiority or the institutions that reflect that assumption. The animals rights movement, on the other hand, does not seek humane reforms but challenges the assumption of human superiority and demands abolition of institutions it considers exploitive…the animal rights movement demands justice, equality, fairness, and rights.” (Finsen, 3.) I am not asking to have the same rights of animals but to protect them and to have some rights as living in peace and wildlife would be free. An example of animal cruelty are the circus. Most of the circus around the world, manipulate, controls, hurts, kill and abuse of animals. They don’t have any safe place to retain animals. The majority of the tigers are dead because hunger. What’s the difference between this animals and the poor children and adults in Africa that are starving?

Another thing about the abuse of animals are all zoos. It where created time ago to distract the kings. It was a circus to spoof the power that they have over animals. Then it became more popular and change the word for zoos. It is not safety because the animals in this place are wildlife, they aren’t domestic animals. We can’t own them and imprison them. They are free. Their bodies are created and evolved to live in wild not in jails. Disney World said one year ago that they will not have more killer whales in their installations. Because they know this animals can’t live in a crystal box. The same happens with the white bears. Humans can’t have this animals in closed/tight places and in zoos because they need an specific environment. White bears are in the border of extinction. It is not just because the climate change but also because all this abuse to them.

“…belief that all humans are somehow infinitely more valuable than any animal is a prejudice.”(Singer, 79.) The only difference between us and animals is that we are animals that think. Because this thinking that we can be the owners of everything. It’s not true. I will not say we can’t eat animals, because we can and we do. It is the circle of life. But is not fair that we use the intellect that we have to kill cruelly this animals. To manipulate, to destroy their lives. To take them as things. They aren’t things, they are living beings. They have the right to live in peace. They have the right of our respect to them. “Humans will never possess any intellectual or emotional capacities that are not also possessed by any normal, non-infant chimpanzee, dog, cat, pig, cow, or even laboratory rat.” (Singer, 79.)

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