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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Union Pacific

The development of the steam locomotive started in the 18h century which transformed the whole world. It carried people and their goods at rates they had never experienced before. The first steam powered railroad was built in 1830 called The Dewitt Clinton locomotive, it was constructed by the West Point Foundry in New York. This railroad track is still used as a track today. Railroads made it possible for the expansion from east to west coast. Union Pacific has been number one on productivity since the company was established. Union Pacific which started centuries ago is known as the most successful railroad company and provides a great opportunity for employment, which leads me to want to work for UP.

Union Pacific (UP) is a railroad company that was founded July 1, 1862. UP operates high thousand five hundred locomotives over 32,100 route-miles in twenty three states west of Chicago and New Orleans. The first corporate headquarters known as Union Pacific Center, is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Union Pacific’s message to people, honors the generations that came before us and wanted to keep fulfilling their goals. Union Pacific will remain as the number one railroad company over the next years because of its booming success and revenue brought in annually.

Union Pacific has 42,900 employees and has employed a plethora of different employees with numerous different positions every year. The employment of the company is known as one of the greatest employee success in the world. Union Pacific works for shareholders and communities. Like anything, this was not achieved overnight or easily. A competitor since the foundation of UP has always been Burlington Northern Santa Fe Lcc (BNSF Railroad Company) because it operators parallel routes in many of the main traffic corridors. Companies do not become world renowned by being ordinary, men put their blood, sweat, and tears into the company that is worth 86.6 billion dollars. According to Forbes Union Pacific is the 133rd top regarded companies.

Over the past ten years they have increased their dividend payouts. I would love to work as a mechanical engineer one day. According to Forbes UP is ranked 124 for the world’s best employees, which makes me even more driven to be employed by UP one. My grandfather held one of the highest executive positions and was well respected by the entire company. The path he took is what that I would like to follow as I advance into my future and am out in the workforce. Union Pacific has made a name for itself since it has been founded because of all of its succession, which is why I want to take on the role of a position at such company. Union Pacific has been number one in production since the foundation of the company. Railroads made it possible in the 1900s from the Atlantic to Pacific. Realizing first hand the opportunities this company has brought is intriguing to me. The Dewitt Clinton locomotive was the first successful train that railroads tracks are still using in today’s railroad paths. The world was forever changed from transportation of people and goods at speeds they never have been able to travel, during the 18th century by the steam locomotive.

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