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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Writing Project Proposal


To:    [Instructor Name], Technical Writing (English 2100) Instructor

From:   [Student Name], student

Date:    09/14/2020

Re:  Writing Project Proposal

I have chosen to create a Career Technical Report for the Writing Project, specifically focusing on the best Bachelor’s programs offered in Utah and online. The degree I will pursue is Public and Professional Writing with a minor in Computer Science to achieve my goal of becoming a technical writer for software development companies.

This project will not only enhance my understanding of the local education opportunities available, but, since Utah’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is currently funding my education, my research for the Career Technical Report will also serve as the foundation for a future proposal to the VR to persuade them to continue funding my education past my Associate’s degree.

The project’s research and analysis will be organized and presented in a technical report. To complete the Writing Project, I will follow the six steps of the writing process: (1) preparation, (2) research, (3) organization, (4) drafting/designing, (5) revising/editing, and (6) proofreading.

My preparation for the project will occur from 09/13 – 09/20, and my Writing Project Proposal Memo (due: 09/20) will be submitted within that time. From 09/20 – 09/24, my research will be conducted, which will coincide with my completion of the Applied Practice — Citing your Sources and Methodology assignment (due: 09/24). The organization of my Writing Project will be finished in one day: 09/24. This will give me enough time to focus on drafting/designing the Career Technical Report from 09/25 – 09/27, so I will be able to finish the Writing Project Outline/Preliminary Draft assignment (due: 09/27). From 09/28 – 12/03, I will work on revising and editing my Career Technical Report. I have given myself a large amount of time to do this because Thanksgiving will occur during these weeks. During that time, the Applied Practice — Interviewing a Career Professional assignment is due (due: 10/14). My interview was conducted on 09/09, so this assignment will be completed well in advance of its deadline. I have given myself seven days from 12/03 – 12/09 to proofread my final draft and have the finished product turned in on its due date of 12/10.

However, it is important to note that steps 4 – 6 may occur multiple times throughout the dates of 09/28 – 12/03. From 09/13 – 12/09, I plan to spend two to three hours every day — minus Sundays — on the Writing Project.

The benefit of completing the Career Technical Report is that its research will serve as the basis for a future proposal to the Vocational Rehabilitation urging them to allow for the continuous funding of my higher education, which will help me to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Public and Professional Writing with a minor in Computer Science.

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